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GblogSDE SHEET – A Complete Guide for SDE Preparation
What is SDE Sheet? SDE Sheet is a list of the most important topics or the most popular questions that are asked in the Software… Read More
It has been observed so often that people or organizations don’t focus on selecting the right language before working on any project. However, there are… Read More
Undoubtedly, Java has been the most famous and widely used programming language out there. Not 1, or 2 but, today it covers almost every sector… Read More
Red-Black Tree is one type of self-balancing tree where each node has one extra bit that is often interpreted as colour of the node. This… Read More
A Queue is a linear data structure. This data structure follows a particular order in which the operations are performed. The order is First In… Read More
Stack is a linear data structure in which elements are accessed, inserted and deleted through one pointer only called the top of the stack. Stack… Read More
Linked Lists are linear data structures that contain nodes and pointers. Each node contains data and links to the other nodes. It is an ordered… Read More
Graph is a non-linear data structure that contains nodes (vertices) and edges. A graph is a collection of set of vertices and edges (formed by… Read More
Array is a linear data structure that is a collection of similar data types. Arrays are stored in contiguous memory locations. It is a static… Read More
Stack and doubly linked lists are two important data structures with their own benefits. Stack is a data structure that follows the LIFO technique and… Read More
Data structure and algorithms are an integral part of computer science. All the enthusiasts, at some point in time, learn these two important topics. They… Read More
A load balancer is a device that acts as a reverse proxy and distributes network or application traffic across a number of servers. Load balancing… Read More
The concept of resource injection can be used to inject any resource available in the JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) namespace into any container-managed… Read More
GeeksforGeeks is organizing an event for the Improvements for the first time. This event is all about improving the existing GFG articles. Simply begin studying… Read More
Round 1(Virtual Technical Interview) The interviewer started by asking me to introduce myself. I mentioned my background, technical skills, projects I had done, and internships… Read More
Online Assessment (Jan 26, 2022): There were two coding questions. The first one was based on a prefix-sum and the second one was based on… Read More

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