How did the world’s first trainee become a world-class athlete?

JAMES MCCULLOUGH/FAIRFAX NZ JAMES McCULLOUGH-FAIRFLX A trainee coach at a top Australian company has been awarded a $200,000 scholarship to study at the University of Western Australia.

It’s a first for a trainee to be awarded a scholarship.

Trainee coach James McCullough says he was told he would be eligible for the scholarship after completing a year of training with the company, Framemaker Training.

It was announced on Tuesday, after his coach-in-training, Tony Williams, was nominated for the National High Performance Medal for excellence in training.

Trainees will receive the scholarship through the NSW High Performance Scholarship Scheme.

It is an investment of $200k that will be paid directly into James’ personal and family finances.

Trainers can earn a total of $2,000 in scholarships annually.

He will have access to the company’s training facilities and its online platform.

He can work in a team environment with a trainer and will receive an extra $2 per hour if he’s required to work on a train.

The scholarship is for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Trainings are held in two days and are a three-hour class.

The coach-taught class was initially held in December.

Traines who completed training with Framemaker during the year will also receive an additional $500.

Trainer Tony Williams is a NSW High performance medal winner and an Australian High Performance Coach.

Mr Williams is also an award-winning coach in Australia.

He says the award is a recognition of his skills and dedication to trainees.

Trained in Australia by a trainees coach, he says he is very proud of what he has learnt from the company.

“The coach’s role is to give us a chance to see the trainee in the first person.

It gives us a bit of an opportunity to understand what he is going through and where he is coming from.”

Coach-in of record Tony Williams with James McCully, the first Australian High performance trainee, who is awarded the NSW high performance medal.

Train in the new trainee class for the NSW Government’s High Performance Trainee Scholarship.

Mr McCullOUGH says he has already trained a number of trainees and that his knowledge is second to none.

“I’ve had more trainees than I can count and they all come in with their own unique characteristics.

I think there’s so much potential there.”

Trainees in the trainees class are expected to work up to three hours per day, although there are a few people who may be working at times.

Train trainers to work in groups or individually.

Train Trainees who complete training with a Framemaker trainer will be eligible to apply for a scholarship up to four years after completion of the program.

The first trainees to be eligible will be announced later this year.

NSW Government is working with Framemakers training program to establish a scholarship scheme.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says the program will benefit the state’s trainee community.

Train-in program Trainees are expected work up until three hours a day, and will earn an additional fee for each hour worked.

Train coaches are expected not to be expected to be involved in training sessions with a coach.

Train on the company training platform with a live instructor and coach.

It will take place from 1.30pm to 5pm on weekdays.

Train the trainers in a training environment with live trainer.

Train a group of trainee trainees in a group setting.

Train with a professional coach.

Training will take up to 30 minutes each session.

Train all trainees individually in a single session.

A trainees trainer will supervise the train-in.

Train at a private location, or within an accredited training facility.

Train under the supervision of a qualified coach.

Mr McCullough is not eligible for a $100,000 train-out grant.

The company is looking for a high-performing trainer to train in the NSW program.

“They need someone who’s got a bit more experience and who has a lot of experience.

I’ve got a lot, so I think that’s the biggest issue.

They need someone that’s really up for it.”

Trainers are expected complete the program at least once.

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