How to get your ‘Hangover’ under control: Learn to live in the moment

By Lauren PfeifferIn a series of new video lessons, comedian Amy Schumer explores the process of moving through a hangover and how it can be a useful tool for the future.

In the new video, the “Saturday Night Live” alum explains how to prepare for a hangout by putting together a playlist and reading a book.

In the video, Schumer also reveals how to enjoy the night and not become a “hanging over” person.

The series, “Hangovers,” is part of Schumer’s ongoing effort to get the country more comfortable with the idea of a hangovers, but the comedian is also concerned about how to treat those who suffer from the condition.

In her new video series, Schumer explains how hangovers can help you relax, but she’s also concerned with the people who suffer.

“You have to make sure you have your life together and you have everything you need to be a productive member of society,” she says.

“So you gotta have a great life.

And you gotta be healthy.”

Schumer’s new series, titled “Hangs Over,” explores the experience of having a hang over, how to overcome it, and how to live it.

She also shares some tips on how to recover from a hang out, like taking a few deep breaths to cool off.

The comedian has been known to take time off after shows to make up for lost time, but now she’s going on the offensive.

“If I can just be like, ‘Hey, I gotta do a quick nap before I go to sleep,'” Schumer says, “I’m like, I’ve got to do it.”

Her video series is part, part, of Schumer exploring the experience and coping with a hang-over.

She tells a story of a time she was stuck in traffic for several hours after a show, which is part one of the series.

“It was like, this is what I do to get my life together,” Schumer says.

“I get really pissed off and I get really upset.”

When the story was told to a friend, she says, he told her that she should go back to her hotel room and get some food and rest.

That’s when she realized she had no time to hang out.

“I think I just felt like, OK, I’m not going to be able to do this anymore,” she said.

She decided to move to a hotel for a few nights to recover and to “get my life back together.”

But, she said, she realized the next day, she was “fucking drunk” and felt like she was going to pass out.

She had to call 911.

She’s also been known for taking time off from her career to “make up for” her hangover.

In “Hells Bells,” Schumer discusses her experience as a celebrity in a “Dancing With the Stars” episode in which she had to perform to a crowd.

“There was a lot of dancing and drinking, and I felt really bad for that,” she told “Ellen” host Ellen DeGeneres.

“And I remember saying to myself, ‘You know what, this isn’t fair.

I’m doing this show, and it’s going to make people angry, and people will be mad.

But I have to do something about it.’

And I just kept on dancing and doing it.”

When Schumer was cast as the character of the show’s “Biggest Loser” contestant in “Hills Bells,” she had a hangup about how the show was supposed to be funny.”

They were making fun of my hair, and they were making jokes about my makeup, and my hair was falling out, and everyone was like ‘Wow!

I felt like it was just like, you know, I was trying to fit in, but I just wasn’t feeling good.””

But I had this little hangup that I was going, I think, ‘Oh my God, I really can’t do this.’

I felt like it was just like, you know, I was trying to fit in, but I just wasn’t feeling good.”

But that’s not the only time Schumer has tried to deal with a “hangover.”

In the episode, “The Office” alum gets into a fight with her manager.

She’s in a restaurant, she calls her boss, and he yells at her.

“My manager yells at me like, Oh my God!

You don’t even know what a hang up is!

And I’m like ‘Well, I did a bad thing.

I did something stupid.

I’ve gotta go and get my hair cut, and then I’m going to do a big dance and I’m just gonna get it done,'” Schumer said.

“So I was like: This is what happens when you’re in a hang loop.”

The “Hateship” alum also had an experience with a male co-worker.

“The first time he asked me for my phone number

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