How to make an emergency escape train

When your pet has become dehydrated or injured, you may need to move your dog to an escape box for a bit.

But it’s not always practical, and you may find that you need to leave your dog in a cage or a dog crate in order to make the trip.

Here are some steps to take.

If your pet is dehydrated, you need a water-tight container to put the dog in to help it stay hydrated.

This could include a small water bottle, a plastic bag or even a small bottle of ice water.

There’s also a small plastic bag to keep your dog from getting wet.

There are other ways to make a quick water-bottle or ice water emergency escape, like putting a piece of string through the dog’s mouth and tying a small piece of tape to it.

You can also use a piece, like a plastic pipe, to wrap your dog up in, but make sure the string is secure.

A dog can become dehydrate, and it can be difficult to make your pet drink from a container.

To make a water bottle or ice-water emergency escape using string: Tie a piece or string around the dog and tape it to the bottom of the water bottle.

Add a small amount of water to the bottle.

When the dog is ready to drink, pull the string.

If the string gets stuck, remove it from the bottle and replace it with a new one.

Remove the dog from the cage, and then place the new bottle in a large bowl or bowl with a lid.

This will make it easier for your pet to drink.

Add some ice water and pour the ice water over the top of the bottle to keep it chilled.

This helps your pet stay hydrate.

Add the dog to the escape box and seal the lid.

If you’re still having trouble getting your pet out, try an ice-cream machine or a bucket.

Or you can put your pet in a crate, put the escape train inside the crate and seal it with duct tape.

A bucket can also be used if your pet doesn’t have a water source.

If there’s a problem with your dog, take your dog outside, but if you can’t do that, you can always place a plastic sheet or a piece into the escape-box.

The escape train will help your pet get out safely.

It’s also important to take your pet with you.

If possible, it’s best to have your pet’s owner or a pet-rearing professional at your side.

There may be other options to get your dog out.

If that’s not possible, you might be able to help your dog find a safe place to go.

If necessary, put some ice in the escape container.

If it doesn’t get any better, remove the escape training class and move your pet somewhere safer.

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