How to make your home computer look like a robot from the ground up

What if you could make your computer look exactly like the robot you have in your home?

That’s what robotics engineer and MIT professor Aqib Taheri and his team at MIT are trying to do.

Taherid’s team built a robot that can walk through a glass pane of a room and is so realistic that it’s basically a virtual version of the robot from Avatar.

Tahersi and colleagues have built several similar robots that can move through a variety of environments, but this is the first that can simulate the actual experience of walking through glass.

Taersi told MIT Technology Review that the team’s goal was to show that “the idea of ‘virtual reality’ can be done in real-time.”

Taheris team also designed a software platform that allows them to run simulations and then analyze how the simulations worked, and that they hoped to develop the robot further. 

The team was able to achieve some success in its first iteration, but the team now plans to extend the model to other environments, and make the robot even more realistic.

Taherni’s work also has some limitations.

For one, there are only a few dozen of these robots currently in the world.

Other robots have been designed using other computer vision algorithms, like a neural network, which allows them the ability to understand the world in ways that human vision cannot. 

Taherim said the team is now working on another version of its software, which would be able to simulate the interaction between different types of materials, such as glass, wood, or concrete.

This will also enable the robots to interact with other living things.

Taheili added that they plan to have a robot ready to go in about three months.

This robot is also just the start for Taherisi’s team, as he is working on a full-body humanoid robot.

He hopes to develop more humanoid robots in the future, and hopes to eventually build robots with arms that could take over a human’s role in the household.

He told MIT Tech Review that he’s been working on his robotic creations for more than two decades, but his goal is to be able “to take over the job of your mom, your dad, your husband, your dog.”

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