How to train your dog for the scent training class

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to smell like a dog, then this is the class for you.

The training class is designed for a dog with a low tolerance for odor, and involves the use of smells, touch, sounds and other techniques to get the dog to sniff.

If you have any doubts about whether a dog is ready to sniff, then you might be in the right place.

The class is free and takes place at the NCCER Training Center in Easton, Pa.

The goal of the class is to train a dog to “feel” something.

The smell training class focuses on how to train the dog’s senses so that they can detect a scent that the dog can’t detect.

That could be a food source, or a human scent, a person’s scent, an animal’s scent or even a person and a scent.

The trainer uses a variety of techniques, including the use, rubbing, scratching, biting and touching to create a specific smell for the dog.

The dog can then start smelling the source of the scent and then start to feel it.

The idea is that the more you train a scent, the better the dog will become at smelling.

The handler can also choose the size of the source the dog should be smelling.

Once the dog has sniffed a specific scent, they can start to explore the scent, which can be something as small as a dog’s mouth or as large as a piece of paper.

The handlers will learn how to tell the difference between the smell and the actual object.

If the dog is sniffing, then the handler should make sure that the source is the same size, shape or texture.

It could be something like a cup or a cup of coffee.

The scent can be a person or an object, or it can be both.

The purpose of the training class isn’t to teach the dog what to smell.

It’s just to get a dog used to smelling the smells in a new environment, said NCCer trainer Julie Calkins.

The owner of the dog must be present at all times, including when the dog comes into the room.

The only way to stop a dog from sniffing a new object is to keep the dog away from the source.

You can also give the dog a reward, such as a toy or a piece in the box, to show them that they are doing their job.

Once they’ve sniffed the object, the handler can teach the handler to smell the object again.

If they do that, the dog may begin to smell more, but the handler is still there to help.

They will also get a better idea of what to expect if the dog does sniff the object.

The dogs can also be given a new smell.

If a handler wants to train them to smell a different object, then they can pick up the object and give it a sniff.

It is a lot of effort for a handler to get an animal trained to smell, said Calkin.

She said the training program is not for everyone, and you shouldn’t expect your dog to be able to sniff everything in a week.

“There is no training like smell, so a dog that is not trained in the scent can still get used to it.

But if the owner is paying attention and it’s something that they care about and they’re interested in, then we think the training will be successful,” Calkas said.

The NCCE training center offers the class at a discounted rate of $60 for a group of two dogs or $90 for a three-person group.

You will need to pay $300 for the training course, and the price of the classes can vary depending on where you are in the country.

You may also need to travel to the training center to pick up your dog.

They also offer a training course that includes one-on-one training.

A free, no-pressure class for dogs up to two years old costs $35 for a two-day course and $45 for a four-day class.

The classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays, but there are also weekday and weekend options.

The costs are a little higher in some areas, such at the Pennsylvanian Training Center, which is located in the heart of the state of Pennsylvania, and at the Easton Training Center.

If your dog is up for a free training class at the training facility, make sure they are up-to-date on their vaccinations.

You must be a registered dog owner and the dog you are training should be on the appropriate license tag.

NCCe Training Center: 717-252-0123 or

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