‘I was an absolute animal’: Veteran veteran’s wife talks about the impact of her PTSD diagnosis

Posted September 21, 2018 08:06:51 Veteran veteran wife of former Navy SEAL Marcus Foster told ABC News’ “20/20” she was a “perfect” mother and the stress from her PTSD has made her suicidal and dangerous.

In an exclusive interview with “20 or 30,” the retired Navy SEAL and father of three says he’s never been more determined to get his family through the trauma of war.

“I was on a mission and I did not expect to see my family suffer, but I had no choice,” Foster told “20.”

“I’m not just a father to a family.

I have a mission that I’m on and I am in this for them, and I have no choice but to do what I’m doing to get them through this.”

Foster has spent decades serving as a SEAL Team 6 leader.

“He was one of my best friends and he was the best man I ever had,” Foster said.

“You don’t realize how much you can sacrifice until you’re gone.

When you get a call that you’re going to die, you feel like you’re done.”

His wife, Laura, is the mother of a 5-year-old son and two daughters, ages 2 and 5.

Foster said he’s been in touch with Laura about his son, who is also an Army captain, and that she’s eager to be part of his journey.

Foster, who recently retired from the Navy, is not in the best of health, but he’s ready to get back into the game, he said.

The former Navy Seal’s wife, who was diagnosed with PTSD at age 40, said she was ready to accept the diagnosis and help her husband “live life as if it’s his last.”

She said she wanted to “fight to the finish” and help him become the man he wants to be.

Foster told the “20” interviewer that he and his wife had to battle through the years to get to where they are today.

He said they struggled with mental health issues and the impact on their children.

“It wasn’t always easy for me,” he said of the early years of his career.

“But now I have the courage to do whatever it takes to make sure he gets the best care possible.”

Foster said that, while he is still a Navy SEAL, he can’t see the time that he spent in combat.

“To me, I’m an Army man,” he explained.

“The world has changed.

I can’t even imagine how tough it must have been for my guys.”

Foster also talked about his time in Iraq.

“This is what I was taught to be a SEAL,” he told the show.

“If I did it, I could get in a truck and kill people.”

Foster and his family are currently living in Colorado, where he said he plans to spend a lot of time as he continues to recover from his PTSD diagnosis.

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