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Sort your inventories (works in Multiplayer) or send items in your inventory to nearby chests (host only) with the click of a button!

Permissions and credits
  • Quickly store all of your items in nearby chests simply by pressing "/" on the Numpad (keybind can be configured).
  • Sort your inventory by pressing "*" on the Numpad (keybind can be configured). If you're in a chest window this will instead sort the chest's inventory.
  • If you hold Left Alt and click on an inventory slot, it will lock that slot. If a slot is locked, the item in it will not be moved by using the store or sort features. To indicate a slot is locked, it's color will change slightly.
  • The storing system will choose to only store items that you already have in a nearby chest so that you don't end up accidentally sending all of your items to a random chest.
  • When storing tools and items that use fuel, the system will look for a chest that contains that item and try to place the item in an empty slot in the same chest. If no empty slot is found, it'll stay in your inventory.
  • Multiplayer: Semi-compatible with multiplayer. Hosts will be able to use all features of the mod. Clients will be able to sort their inventories and chests (if they have the mod installed), but clients will not be able to auto store items
  • Deep Mines: The storing feature is disabled in the mines to prevent the user accidently storing items into chests that will be gone the next day (or into chests in key rooms). 
  • Compatibility: No reported issues with known mods, but let us know if you run into a conflict and we will attempt to resolve it. Tested and working on Dinkum v0.4.6. Let us know if you have issues on versions later than this.


  1. Make sure BepinEx 6 is installed (see stickied post for more info).
  2. Extract InventoryManagement.dll into the "Dinkum/BepinEx/plugins" folder.
  3. Start up your game and test it out! 
  4. Configuration: Go the "Dinkum/BepinEx/config" folder and open the "tinyresort.dinkum.InventoryManagement.cfg" file. Just set your preferred values, save the file and restart the game.
  5. If you enjoy the mod, endorsing is always appreciated!


  • Range: Roughly the number of tiles away from the work table that will be checked for chests. The default value should cover most people, but if your base is sprawling and a distant chest isn't being picked up, set this value higher. Currently the max range is limited by your view distance setting. So, if your chests are sprawled out and you want them accessible, make sure your view distance is as high as possible. We plan to create a workaround before full release. (Default: 30)
  • Store to Chests Keybind: Which key you want to press to send items to nearby chests. (Default: Numpad /)
  • Lock Hotbar: Set the hotbar to always be locked. This ensures no items on your hot bar will be removed from it when sending items to nearby chests.This option won't change the bar's coloring, and you can still toggle those slots manually to no affect. (Default: true)
  • Sort Inventory/Chest Keybind: Which key you want to press to sort the inventory. (Default: Numpad *)
  • Sort Order: Lets you change the order you would like items to be sorted (from top to bottom). 
  • Always Sort Player Inventory: Lets you set the option to sort player inventory at the same time as the chest's inventory. By default, it will only sort the chest's inventory if you have a chest window open. 

Planned Features

  • Multiplayer: Our top priority is making the mod work for clients (non-hosts) in a multiplayer world.
  • Buttons: We plan to add buttons to the inventory screen to trigger each feature. 
  • More Options: We'd like to add more options, including an option for sending items to chests that contain the same type of item (color background) if there isn't a chest containing the exact item.

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