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My attempt at improving Skyrim's magic system. Staves now amplify all magic, and further empower their respective school. The specific spell listed in the staff's name will gain an even greater boost.

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From the maker of Souls Do Things 2...

Magic Does Things
A Magic System Mod


  1. Skyrim Special Edition
  2. SKSE

I've always had a few issues with Skyrim's magic system, particularly when it came to staves and scrolls. To put it simply, what is the purpose of alternate methods of casting spells when you eventually get to the point you never run out of Magicka? Some people would answer that they are useful for non-magic builds since they have no Magicka to spare, but then why would a non-magic build use a staff?

Well, as I enjoy the challenge of expanding on existing systems, I decided to take on the challenge of improving use cases for these underwhelming aspects of Skyrim's magic system.

Note: This mod is being developed as part of a modlist, and I am uploading the initial release to gather feedback. Please let me know where I can improve.

Staff System Overhaul

As of v1.0, this mod overhauls staves to function differently from their vanilla versions. No longer will a Staff of Paralysis be a cheese tool you throw away late game. Forget using a Staff of Chain Lightning on your warrior. Staves will now augment magical abilities you already have rather than give you the ability to cast spells you don't.

Note: Not all spells have the additional VFX when amplified. That shit takes a lot of work for aesthetics. If and when all the important tasks are done, I'll see what other spells I can add extra VFX to.

  • Staves all grant 20-40% more power to Illusion, Destruction, and Restoration magic as well as 20-40% more duration to Conjuration and Alteration magic, scaling with Enchanting skill.
  • Staves grant an additional 10% bonus to spells from the same school as the staff (eg Staff of Fireballs will grant a bonus for Destruction spells).
  • Staves grant a third effect if you cast the spell in their name (eg Staff of the Flame Atronach will allow you to summon a second Flame Atronach).
  • Staves will grant a mild warding effect while their magic is being channeled.
  • Unique staves such as Wabbajack and the Skull of Corruption grant you their spell to use instead.*

Assume a staff of Fireball. Channeling this will amplify all magic you cast by 20%, so casting say, healing will heal you for 20% more. It will also improve all Destruction magic by another 10%, stacking multiplicatively. So a spell such as Flames will have a 32% boost. Finally, a 20% amplification is applied to the appropriate spell. So casting Fireball itself will net a 58% damage increase for no additional mana cost.

Channeling the staff also raises a ward as long as it is held down. This allows you to safely get your magic out, which would be slightly more difficult with dual casting.

Numbers are tentative and will be adjusted based on feedback. The goal is to get to a point where staves are not as powerful as Dual Casting, but will be available as a defensive and more Magicka-efficient option.
*Wabbajack will not grant the reworked effect while inside Pelagius' mind in order not to interfere with the quest.

Upcoming Features?

Note: These are mostly theoretical. Whether or not they make it in depends on how much time I have IRL. Nonetheless, drop a request or suggestion and I'll see what I can do.
  • Patch for creation club staves
  • Patch for major magic mods
  • SPID support to allow full NPC use of reworked staves
  • Rework Scroll system?

Compatibilities and Performance
  • No running scripts, no periodic checks
  • Requires a patch for mod-added staves. Knowledge of either Creation Kit or xEdit is necessary to create patches.
  • Load AFTER any mods that alter vanilla staves. 



  1. Download Main File
  2. Install


  1. Download Main File
  2. Extract contents to Skyrim/Data folder

  1. Ensure you are not in the middle of channeling a staff
  2. Save game
  3. Uninstall
  4. Use a save cleaner to be sure.

  • What is the point of using a staff when you can dual cast a spell?
Staves in this mod offer a power boost to magic without expending mana, while also providing a degree of defense. Every staff will raise a ward when channeled. If you want raw power, dual cast. If you want utility and defense, run a staff.
  • 10% is too low for a bonus; can you make it X%?
Yes. That is the point of feedback. I released at 10% amplification per condition met so I can inch myself closer to a balanced value over time.

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