Massive flying carp frenzy triggered by researchers

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service on Friday shared a striking image showing silver carp leaping en masse during a scientific (...)

Fishermen caught with 665 catfish, four cited for limit violation

Five fishermen were cited for recreational fishing violations, including over limits and fishing without a proper license.

Watch: Whale whips its tail at diver as it protects calf in close call

As it passed free diver Mitch Capelli, the mother humpback whale gave him a definitive message by taking a swipe at him with its...

Watch: ‘Luckiest anchovy in the world’ escapes voracious whale

A photographer in California’s Monterey Bay has captured video footage showing an anchovy flying from the mouth of a lunge-feeding (...)

Angler breaks Colorado’s oldest fishing record, is coy on details

A 75-year-old record for brook trout was broken by a slim margin at Monarch Lake, a fishery officials suspected was home to the state...


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