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All your drawings, illustrations and compositions are not standing on thin air, right? There's scenery, something that tells everyone where your creation takes place. That's the background, probably one of the most important elements that make everything feel complete. A background is also a nice decorative touch, especially in slideshows, flyers, and other projects.

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Get cool wallpapers and desktop backgrounds for your computer

Since we live in the computer era, devices are all around us. As we use them a lot, how about giving them your own personal touch? Backgrounds are easy to use, and they can convey what you feel, or just represent your favorite topics. You can use wonderful backgrounds for your cell phone, tablet or computer.

Add nice backgrounds to your slideshows and presentations

Whenever you need to pitch your ideas or show complex data in front of people, a PowerPoint presentation is a useful resource. Backgrounds will allow you to give each slide a better design, making it much easier to communicate with your audience and catch their interest. Give some context, add your personal touch or make the slides much more visually appealing.

Customize your own flyers and banners with backgrounds

When designing banners or flyers or other kinds of promotional elements, in addition to the information that you need to show to people, a colorful background can help you catch the recipient's attention. Complete your design by adding a nice background so that it adapts to the composition that you've created.


How can I remove the background from a picture in Photoshop?

There are many ways to do so. Some people prefer to duplicate the layer, use the Pen Tool, the Quick Selection Tool or the Magnetic Lasso Tool to select the parts that they want to keep, invert the selection and delete the background. If you are using newer versions of Photoshop (2020 or later), there's also the Remove Background option, located under Quick Actions in the Properties panel.

How do I create my own background?

First of all, you can visit Freepik and search for thousands of featured background templates, or you can start your project from a blank canvas. Since it's best if you have eye-catching images, try using your own photos or get some stock images and designs from our libraries and add them to your artboard in your favorite design program. Additionally, we have our powerful tool Wepik, an online image editor that will allow you to create backgrounds easily. No prior experience is required, and it's very user-friendly, so start downloading our resources and edit or use them freely.

What is a background in graphic design?

Well-crafted compositions contain many elements, and one of them is a background. A background can be defined as the image or scenery that is behind the protagonists of the composition, which are other elements placed closer to the viewer. The background can also be a flat color, gradients or textures. These, in fact, create depth and contrast and allow other elements to stand out more, including overlay text.

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