Cartoons are a way to give life to your creations

People have been drawing cartoons for quite some time now. This style has evolved over time and it's now more than a humorous depiction of someone. It's very popular among children, and an interesting way of showing an image of yourself to others. It has a colorful nature and a different way of interpreting things from reality.

Promote children's films and TV shows with cartoony assets

Products aimed at younger audiences require designs that are especifically thought for them. It's no surprise that toys, posters for children's films or TV series, and other producs like these resort to a more cartoony style, since it resonates very well with such an audience. Grab their attention and you'll also pique their parents' interest.

Create and customize your own avatar for social media

Cartoons are not only for children. Their variety nowadays is huge and covers audiences of all ages. This style is so popular that many people love to use avatars depicting themselves in a cartoony fashion, which is a creative and fun way of introducing yourself to others. Don't be afraid of use this style on social media.

Illustrate fairytales and books aimed at young kids

Many children's films were first an illustrated book. It's well known that illustrations and drawings attract kids' attention due to how colorful they look. Thus, it's a good idea to use some cartoony designs in such books so that children can imagine what they're reading, allowing them to be the protagonists of the story.


What is cartoon design?

Traditionally, the term cartoon has been associated with sketches or drawings used as a pattern in some forms of graphic art, but you'll be most familiar with its later incarnation, which are drawings or illustrations made in a satirical and humorous way. Sometimes, it's also used to describe the graphic style used in certain comic books or animated TV series or movies.

What makes good cartoon design?

There are some factors to take into account. A good character design helps viewers understand who your character is at a glance. If you want to focus on animation, it's important to opt for simplicity, since animators need to render characters multiple times. In its more traditional sense, since its intended for satirical or comical purposes, designers tend to focus on exaggerating certain features of the person (or animal) they want to depict.

How do you draw a simple cartoon?

Let's try this. First, draw two oval shapes: one for the head and one below for the jaw. Then, draw some guide lines for the face and ears, which will be done later, and then do the same with some features of the face, such as the neck, the nose, the lips and the eyes. Try to draw everything separately to implement each element correctly on the face. These guide lines will help you determine the basic proportion of each facial feature. Now, refine the features according to these proportions. If it's for satirical or comical purposes, the cartoon style usually tends to exaggerate some features of the character that is being drawn, but there should also be an adequate balance between the height and the size of the eyes, or the shape of the lips, for example. Additionally, you can find thousands of templates on Freepik, which can act as a starting point to create your own style in your favorite graphics software.

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