Clipart is the best way to decorate your projects

You might think of clipart as a type of pre-made images. Well, it's not a wrong definition, but you have to take into account its benefits. It's usually conceived to cover a wide array of topics, themes, and uses. When it comes to avoiding unnecessary complications, using clipart is a good idea and a time-saving decision.

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Clipart is an all-purpose type of graphic art and can get you out of trouble more than once. That's due to their ready-made nature and the diversity of themes and topics they cover. They are also a popular choice when creating stickers or illustrating children's books, so they're a trusty resource in many occasions.

Add clipart to all kinds of documents and slideshows

It is said that presentations should be more than just words. In fact, a lesser amount of words and a greater amount of images is often a good formula. Since clipart is so versatile, you can not only decorate slideshows or online documents, but also make such images an important part of the composition.

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When we say that clipart is the quintessential ready-made asset, we mean it. You might have thought of stickers too, as they are conceived to be used almost everywhere in an easy manner. As a matter of fact, clipart can be the perfect source for designing stickers, so give this idea a try and see for yourself.


What is clipart?

Clipart is a type of graphic art or, more precisely, pre-made images that are meant to illustrate concepts. In today's world, it's conceived only in digital form. Clipart is used in many media, including websites, slideshows, books, and more.

What is an example of clipart?

Clipart is usually defined as pre-made images that can be used as visuals for different media, which includes documents, slideshows, websites and more. The easiest way of finding examples of clipart is just searching for clipart on Freepik, as we have a huge number of them, ready to be downloaded.

What are the types of clipart?

In terms of file formats, clipart can come as a bitmap or as vectors. Bitmaps, which are usually called raster graphics, are images made up of a grid of little squares (or pixels) which are colored or grayscale. On the other hand, vector graphics are images made up of lines, curves and points that follow a mathematical formula, allowing them to be rescaled without losing quality, a feature that is not possible with raster graphics.

What is difference between picture and clipart?

Clipart is a graphic art, and it's generally found today in digital form. Pictures, in the sense of photos, on the other hand, are images captured by certain devices, mainly cameras. Depending on the type of camera, that end result can be in digital or printed form.

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