Illustrate your designs with drawings

Drawings allow us to represent things we see in real life, or things we have in our mind, on a piece of paper. Either done by hand or with the help of graphics tablet, a drawing has that personal touch, a little portion of your imagination poured into it. With enough experience and a bit of skill, the results can look very realistic, indeed.

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Design coloring activities for children with drawings

Funny activities for kids include drawing and coloring. That's precisely one of the main uses of such images: you can print drawings so that children color them and have a lot of fun. They are also the perfect addition for fairytale books, as they illustrate what's happening in the story and fuels imagination.

Trust the hand-drawn style and use it in your compositions

Realistic art is present in many compositions and designs, but sometimes you just need something that looks different, more hand-drawn, and that's exactly what you can achieve with drawings. To give your conception a more personal, handmade touch, these are the perfect assets for achieving that. Plus, you'll have a lot of fun with them.

Use drawings in presentations to illustrate concepts

In today's education, many teachers are embracing technology and are incorporating slideshows and presentation into their lessons, as these allow them to illustrate the concepts with examples and turn complex information into something more manageable for the students. Visual assets such as drawings are useful for that, especially when teaching children.


What is drawing and what are its types?

A drawing can be defined as a visual representation of objects, concepts, emotions, and even abstract forms. Although that's a very broad definition, drawing is considered graphic art, and it puts an emphasis on form or shape, rather than mass and color. Drawing, consequently, comes in many types. Depending on the source or author, the number and the names of these styles may vary. Some of the most common are cartoon drawing, figure drawing, gesture drawing, line drawing, and perspective drawing, but these are just a few.

What are the 5 basic skills of drawing?

There are five skills that are considered basic in terms of drawing as an art, but, once again, this may vary depending on the author or source. Being able to recognize edges, understanding proportions and perspectives, applying color and understanding what each one means, using lighting and shadows effectively, and (perhaps the most important one) being able to communicate what you want to the viewer.

What is the most popular drawing style?

Something as broad as popularity varies depending on many circumstances, such as demand, culture, location, purpose, etc. These are some that might be considered more widespread than others (but note that there are many more):Cartoon, Pointillism, Line drawing, Photorealism, Architectural drawing, etc.

What is the difference between drawing and painting?

Drawing is a visual art form in which the artist uses lines to represent objects, characters, animals or even concepts. It's created with the so-called dry media: pencils, chalk, charcoal, etc. Painting focuses more on color and forms. It's mostly created with paint (hence the name), and the types of surfaces used is broader than in drawing, which usually focuses on paper or canvas.

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