Flyers communicate so much in just seconds

The power of flyers and brochures becomes evident the moment you see how quickly people understand the information shown on them. Their size makes it the perfect portable means of promotion of events, the menus offered at a restaurant, or the products available for purchase at a store. The possibilities are virtually endless.

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Advertise all your services or products offered to potential customers

Advertising comes in many different forms. When people are not at home, they cannot watch your ad on TV, so a good solution is to hand out flyers and brochures to them so that they know about your services or products. This is very popular for certain kinds of businesses, such as restaurants or coffee shops.

Show a list of products you have for sale in a flyer or brochure

As brochures are portable and the person that receives it can take it with them everywhere, it's important that you create an interesting design. A good idea is to list your catalog of products that you have for sale or the services that you offer, so they can have this information for reference at all times.

Promote events such as concerts or sports matches and spread the word

Once again, being portable is what makes brochures a handy resource for advertising. You can promote future events, such as concerts, sports matches or opening ceremonies, among other options. You'll be able to provide useful information to everyone interested and showcase your design skills at the same time.


What is a flyer?

A flyer is a sheet of paper that contains text and advertises products, services, events, conferences, and more.

How can I make a flyer?

If you want to save time, start by choosing a flyer template on Freepik or Wepik. Then, add your own images and text. It's best if you go straight to the point. If you go to Wepik, you'll be able to edit the flyer online and for free.

How can I make a business flyer?

In the case of a business flyer, you have to take into account several things. For example, a catchy headline is usually a good idea. Try to highlight the main features or the benefits of the product or service you're trying to advertise. To do so, you can play around with the colors and the shapes where the text will appear. It's important to keep things simple so that the person that receives the flyer is interested in looking at it. On Freepik, you can find hundreds of flyers for different types of business, which you can customize with your own message and your own logo or corporate identity. What's best, you can go to Wepik and use our free online editor to save time.

How can I make a flyer to announce a party?

On Freepik, we have lots of flyer templates. Pick the one you like the most and then think of a catchy message. Use your preferred graphics software or go to Wepik and use our powerful online tool to edit it on the fly.

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