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Text by itself is a way to communicate things and ideas to another person, but it is also said that an image is worth a thousand words. Icons are little graphical representations of something, whether it's an action, a command, an emotion, a concept, or anything else. They help unclutter designs, especially in apps, websites, or infographics.

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Incorporate icons into your website or app interface

Many companies are putting an emphasis on UI and UX design when conceiving their apps and websites. Improving the experience of their users is a priority, because a happy customer is a customer that will return and will tell their friends about that app or website. Icons are one of the pillars of interfaces and the elements that users will look for first.

Customize your own Subscribe button for social media

Due to their easy-to-grasp visual nature, icons can be useful in many situations. Don't underestimate their conveying power in places such as social media, because the simplicity of icons actually works in their favor. For those times when you want to highlight something, try using icons. No one will forget to click on that bell you placed on the Subscribe button!

Impress all recruiters with a more visual CV or resume

Your CV must include a series of things that the recruiter will want to look at: your experience, your education, your language skills, your responsibilities in previous companies, and more. Do you know what can help you with that? Icons, as they will help you reduce those clusters of text and will make your resume stand out from the rest.


What are icons?

Icons are little graphic representations that are used to communicate or inform in a way that can be understood by almost everyone, regardless of language, nationality or culture. They tend to express essential visual characteristics of the things or ideas that are to be communicated.

What is the difference between icons and symbols?

While both symbols and icons are graphic representations of ideas or things, an icon is a representation of the object it stands for, whereas a symbol focuses more on ideas or more abstract things.

How do I find icons?

You can find collections of icons on Freepik. Just enter some keywords in the search box or select the icon category to start browsing through our database. You can also find millions of icons on

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