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To visually interpret a text, to convey a message or to represent something, humans have been using illustrations for ages now. They can be done digitally or by hand, and the number of different styles and techniques to create them is almost countless. The saying goes that an image is worth a thousand words, and illustrations can prove that point.

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Illustrate concepts in web or app design

There are projects within web and app design, that require more than just words. Depending on the target audience, a combination of text and illustrations can work perfectly, as you can provide visual context and make the end result look more interesting. Use them to make your design stand out from the rest.

Use them as part of infographics for a presentation

Whenever you're giving a presentation, whether you work in business, marketing or education, you'll often need to show big blocks of data or statistics, and that can be something complex to show and to understand. Infographics are great for simplifying those chunks of information, and if you use them in conjunction with illustrated elements, things will be much easier.

Add them to posters or banners to advertise products

Sometimes, you just need to combine different resources to get the maximum result. For example, you might know how competitive the world of advertising can be. When creating posters or banners, try adding some illustrations whose style can be suitable for the target audience. They'll look at your creation for sure.


What is illustration?

An illustration is mostly a picture or a drawing. Sometimes, the act of creating that picture is also called illustration. Illustrations, thus, are pictorial representations of things seen or imagined by the person creating them.

What is the best free illustration software?

The market is full of graphics software. When talking about vector graphics, the most popular is Adobe Illustrator. It's not a free program, so you must pay for it. However, there are other alternatives, including our very own online editor, Wepik. No prior experience in design is required, and you can use it to edit all kinds of illustrations and add many different elements to them.

How can I create illustrations online?

Many people use graphics software in conjunction with graphics tablets (or the mouse). There are some alternatives that allow you to work online without having to download programs or applications, and one of them is Wepik, our own online editor. You can start from a blank canvas or you can customize one of our illustrations optimized for that purpose. You will recognize them because they have the Edit online now button available when selecting them. Then, when you're done, you can download the end result in formats such as JPG, PNG, and PDF.

What is the difference between graphic design and illustration?

Graphic design is a broad term and it encompasses all kinds of visual communications for many purposes. Illustrations are a subset in graphic design, drawings or images that tell a story or offer a pictorial representation or something.

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