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Your life is full of special moments, such as the day of your wedding, your birthday, or your coming of age. You'd like to spend those special moments with the people that you care the most about: your family and friends. Tell them the good news by using invitation cards, where you can be as creative as you want while asking them to come to your party.

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Design beautiful wedding or birthday invitations for everybody

How will you tell everyone to come at an important event, such as a wedding or a birthday party? That's easy: create wedding or birthday invitations, which are very visual and are usually kept by the people receiving them. Express yourself in these cards and use graphic assets to your advantage to make a good impression.

Invite your followers or subscribers on social media to a special event

Invitation cards are meant to be printed, but not always. There are designs that work better in digital platforms, mostly social media. You can create a beautiful invitation for all your subscribers or friends and leave the rest to the power of social networking sites. Adapt your creations and reach a big number of people in no time at all.


How can I make an invitation card on Freepik?

Once you are on Freepik, search for invitation cards by using the search box or by clicking on the Invitation cards category. Have a look around and select the one that you prefer. You can now download it and customize in your favorite software it by adding elements, text, and changing its colors. There's an even better alternative: use our powerful online tool, available on Wepik! Some of our resources can be directly edited there (you'll recognize them because they have the Edit online now! button. Remember to include the address, name of the event, date, location, and other contact details. Then, download the card as a PDF so that you can print it.

How can I make a wedding invitation card online for free on Freepik?

Access our website and search for wedding invitation cards by using the search box or by clicking on the Invitation cards category. Once you've found the one you like the most, click on the Edit online now! button to start customizing it. You'll be redirected to Wepik, our powerful online editor, where you'll be able to add ornaments, text, photos, or whatever you want, and change colors, dates, and other data. When you're finished, download your creation. If you need to print it, remember to choose the PDF format!

Where can I find invitation cards?

You can find and customize stunning invitation cards for any occasion on Freepik. There's even a category dedicated to them, and they're easily editable.

How can I make a birthday invitation card on Freepik?

We know that birthday invitation cards are a must for many people that want to organize the best party ever. On Freepik, you can find cards for all kinds of parties and events, and they're available in many styles. To get yours, browse across our templates and choose your favorite one. You can customize it in your the software of your choice, or you can use our online editor Wepik. Many of our resources allow you to go directly to Wepik to start editing them (you'll recognize them because they have the Edit online now! button. Besides, those who do not have it can be downloaded and them uploaded on our editor. As for the card itself, try to use bright colors, combine different font styles that work well together, and add a nice header. When you're done, save your creation in your preferred format. We recommend PDF if you're going to print it.

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