Mockups allow everyone to get a preview of your creations

When a client has commissioned you to create designs for packaging, logos or ads, just to name a few possibilities, you'd want to give a preview of what the end result would look like, applied to a real-life example. That's the main purpose of mockups, so it's good to have templates and lots of resources close at hand.

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Show an actual example of your design to your clients

Let's say a client has commissioned you a design and, before you finalize it, you need to show them how it will look like. That's it: you need a mockup. This kind of resource usually comes with all you need to add your design to it so that it appears as if it were on the actual product, media or place.

Power up the brand identity of a company or your own

Identifying a brand at a glance is essential to becoming known and increasing your presence in the market. Designs for branding are very much in demand, so mockups are also very sought-after assets, allowing you to show examples of your design to clients or managers. Ideal for billboards, business cards, product branding, and more.

Use mockups to see a preview of your designs for advertising

Will your design look for a movie poster look great? Is the size optimal for an add displayed in bus stops or subway stations? The solution is using a mockup to see first-hand an example of your work applied to a product or surface before doing so in real life. In advertising, every little detail counts!


What is a mockup in design?

A mockup is what designers used to show a product in use. Think of it as a photo of the product on the shelves of a supermarket, or on a table, or in a frame, etc., before that design is actually printed.

How can I create a mockup of a product for free?

Since Freepik has lots of mockup templates in .PSD format, you can use them in Photoshop, one of the programs most suited for mockups. Download one of them, open it and then double-click on the smart layer. Copy your design and paste it, or further customize it as you wish. Finally, save that smart layer to apply your design to the mockup.

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