A brain is always on the lookout for patterns

Patterns are an arrangement or a combination of shapes, lines, and colors that are repeated, at least design-wise. You can find them everywhere: the tiles of the floor, many pieces of clothing, ornate carpets, even in nature! The human brain loves to find patterns, so, depending on your project, it can be a useful resource.

Amaze everyone with patterns suited for textile design

How to make your work look more authentic? The human brain is always looking for patterns, since that's how it makes sense of many things that surround us. Because of that, patterns are great in textile design and many types of everyday objects, as we make logical connections and understand that the design was well-thought.

Customize your computer or phone wallpaper with patterns

Every time you want to use your cell phone or computer, you see an image: the background or wallpaper. It's best if that image is great and hand-picked or created by yourself, right? A patterned image is usually a good choice, allowing you to expressing some aspects of your personality depending on the colors and shapes used.

Take your social media profiles to the next level

Besides using your computer and cell phone almost daily, you will most likely consume content from social media. What's more, you'll probably have accounts on many social networking sites. Since a lot of people will visit your profile or feed, make it look cool and colorful by adding some patterned backgrounds.


What is a pattern in graphic design?

Whenever you see several elements of the design arranged so that they are being repeated and work together with each other, that's a pattern.

How do graphic designers use patterns?

Patterns can be used creatively. Designers can make a pattern out of almost everything. For example, they can create a square image with some elements inside and then repeat it indefinitely. It's best if there are no elements on the borders of that square, or else they will look cut. However, this depends very much on the design.

How do I turn a logo into a pattern?

Since patterns are repeating elements in a design, almost anything can be transformed into a pattern. If you have already designed your logo, you can open it in Photoshop, select it with the Rectangle Marquee tool and go to Edit > Define Pattern so that it's saved as a pattern, ready to be applied elsewhere.

How do I create a design pattern?

Check the previous question if you want to know how to turn any image or part of it into a pattern. Additionally, on Freepik you can find lots of pre-made patterns. Find the one you prefer and then click on the Edit online now button, which will take you to Wepik, our online editor. There, you'll be able to change colors and add or modify elements, shapes and more. When you're done, click on Download to get your new pattern, ready to be used elsewhere.

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