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Our brain works in such a way that we are always looking for things that we can identify with others that we've already seen in our lives. Silhouettes make a lot of room for imagination, as that figure or outline, usually filled with one flat color, is completed instintively inside your mind. This can have a lot of applications in graphic design!

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Make room for imagination with silhouettes

An illustration or a photo of an object is more direct in terms of telling you what you want to talk about. On the other hand, using silhouettes makes more room for imagination and creativity. Try to combine them with wonderful backgrounds so that you create interesting compositions that are visually impactful.

Decorate the slides of your next presentation and make them unique

Remember that, when it comes to presentations, text is important, but the visual contents are equally as important. To impress everyone and try different things, besides illustrations or photos, you can also try adding silhouettes of things. Whatever they are related to the theme or not, they work very well as decorative elements.

Make coloring activities for children in a quick and easy way

Imagine having an image of the silhouette of an animal, a vehicle, a dinosaur, a letter of the alphabet, et cetera. What can you do with that? Well, what would a kid do with that? They would likely grab some crayons and start coloring it! If you are creating activities aimed at children, this is a safe bet.


How can I download silhouette pictures for free?

You're in the perfect place to do that! On Freepik, you can find a dedicated category with hundreds of silhouettes for free. You can also use the search box to find silhouettes of a certain object.

How do I turn a photo into a silhouette in Photoshop?

A simple way of doing that is, after duplicating the layer, highlighting the object or the character with the Quick Selection Tool (or similar tools) and then applying a dark, solid color to that character or object. You might want to zoom in and polish some areas that your chosen Selection Tool might have left out.

What is silhouette photography?

A silhouette is an image of a subject, usually in a dark, solid color, against a background that is brighter. Silhouette photography shows the dark outlines of a character or an object in front of a much brighter scene.

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