Symbols are like an universal language

Thanks to the visual nature of symbols, they can be universal and understood by everyone, regardless of nationality. They provide context, represent ideas or concepts, and are the perfect addition to certain compositions. Since they're easy to recognize and decipher, we can conclude that symbols are very effective!

Show everyone why tattoos are a form of art

Symbols are easily recognizable and allow you to identify its related concept. How about creating designs for tattoos with the help of some symbols? Tattoo is a form of art, so creativity and a will to try different things are two values that will eventually lead you to success. Explore new possibilities and find inspiration.

Represent ideas in your presentations by using symbols

You just have to look around to find symbols, as they are everywhere, representing ideas, relationships or concepts visually. There's nothing stopping you from using such assets in presentations and slideshows, as the context will be given in a much quicker way and you'll be able to complement the contents of the slides.

Provide context about your content on your social media

Do you want to tell everyone on social media what are your preferred topics? If you love video games, a little image of a controller or a joystick is perfect. You like soccer? A goal or a soccer ball will suffice. Combine these symbols with other assets and create useful images that will save you lots of words.


What are some cool symbols?

Symbols are great for communicating an idea or a concept universally, regardless of the language that the viewer speaks. Who doesn't associate a heart with love? Doves are a synonym for peace, trees are associated with growth and nature, owls and associated with intelligence, etc. Have you ever used emoticons? We bet you do! Some sources also consider emoticons as symbols, and to convey feelings, they are perfect!

How can I design symbols?

First, think of what you want to represent. Is it an idea? Is it a group of people? It's usually best if you use colors whose meaning or associated emotions are tied to that idea. Of course, try to get some inspiration from real-life examples, or from Freepik or Flaticon, which have millions of icons and symbols available.

What is the difference between icons and symbols?

While both symbols and icons are graphic representations of ideas or things, an icon is a representation of the object it stands for, whereas a symbol focuses more on ideas or more abstract things.

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