Use textures to make your designs look real

Let's say you have an illustration, a 3D render or just an image of something. You're happy with the result, but yet you think that it's missing something. Textures might be the answer, as they give any object an appearance closer to real life: from making something made of metal look actually metallic, to wooden planks giving the impression that they can actually break.

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Make your illustrations stand out with decorative textures

The presence of a texture can make wonders, especially when used in illustrations, as they give them an interesting visual effect, or make them look more realistic, which in turn contributes to the impact of the final image. Additionally, patterns can stand out even more with the use of textures, so this is a good combination, too.

Get nice textures for photo retouching and make a difference

The use of texture in photography is probably one of the basic, yet impactful things that make a difference. Adding textures to a photo in Photoshop or other software can even transform the elements that appear on it so that they appear as if they were made of other materials. For this reason, add them to your repertoire when it comes to photo retouching.

Use them in conjunction with different kinds of templates

As long as you convey a clear message, understandable at a glance and completed with other elements, a postcard, a banner or a poster will accomplish its purpose. To go the extra mile, using textures as a means of decoration is also a good idea, and works well most of the time, allowing you to showcase your creativity.


What is background texture?

In terms of photo or image composition, texture is the perception that the viewer has of the represented objects, in the sense that they have a believable appearance. Backround texture is essentially an image of a textured surface that it's applied to your photo or image as an overlay so that it adds depth or changes the perception that the viewer has.

Where can I download textures?

You can download different textures in both vector and raster file formats on Freepik. We even have a specific category for textures and their types.

What are the 4 types of texture?

Textures make us feel as if the objects represented on a picture or image have actual touch. In art, there are four types of texture: Actual; which focuses on the physical touch of that piece of art, Simulated; which focuses on simulating that touch, without physically conveying it, Abstract; which focuses on simplifying that perception and Invented; which focuses on representing texture that doesn't actually exist in real life.

Where do I get 3D textures?

You can download 3D textures, which try to offer a three-dimensional appearance, in both vector and raster graphics formats on Freepik. We even have a specific category of textures and their types.

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