Enjoy the versatility of vector graphics

Have you ever tried to resize an image and it got distorted or lost a bit of quality? Vector graphics are the answer, as they are composed of things such as lines and shapes based on mathematical formulas. It's hard to explain, but, in short, they allow you to work with them without having to worry about quality loss.

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Use vectors to create wonderful branding and product design

Thanks to the enormous versatility and multi-purpose nature of vector graphics, practically any project related to branding or product design can benefit from the use of such graphical assets. You can use them to adapt their elements to the needs of the company or client, conveying exactly the image that they want to project about themselves.

Shake up your content on social media and make it more visual

This versatile nature expands further. For instance, when posting on social media, vectors graphics put everything into context at a glance and make your content, profile page or banner stand out by differentiating it from that of others. With such adaptable assets and your own creativity, you can be the rererence.

Make the most of the versatility of vectors to create posters and ads

Last but not least, due to the scalable and modifiable properties of vectors, adjusting and fitting them to all kinds of artboards and designs is something within your grasp. That includes creating awesome images for posters, ads, and other kinds of media for promotional purposes. Illustrate your ideas and engage the target audience.


Where can I find free vector images for commercial use?

On Freepik, you can find millions of free images for commercial and personal projects. If you are a free user, you are required to credit us somewhere in the product you create, even if it's for personal use. If you are a premium member, it's not necessary to credit Freepik, but you must download the licenses and keep them.

What are vectors in design?

In the world of graphic design, vectors are shapes, or more specifically lines and curves, that form an image based on a mathematical formula. Due to their nature, it is totally possible to re-scale them as much as you want without losing quality.

What are vector designs used for?

Any design created with vector graphics can be used for a huge variety of purposes. Since they're scalable with no loss of quality, they're perfect for images intended for advertising, marketing, apps, websites, slideshows, or to create logos, illustrations, banners, you name it! There are some programs that are ideal for working with vector graphics, such as Adobe Illustrator.

What Adobe program works well with vector graphics?

The main graphics editor created to work with vector graphics is Adobe Illustrator, one of the most important ones in the market. It also uses its own file format, .ai, which is able to store a lot of graphics information. This software is used by all kinds of designers to create graphics for almost all purposes imaginable, either for digital or printed media.

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