Chris Hemsworth's Marvel Cinematic Universe appearances as Thor give him an unbeatable record among the original Avengers. Thor has long been one of the main characters of the MCU, as he joined Captain America and Iron Man as the three pillars of the shared universe early on. They led the original Avengers roster in 2012 with Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye joining in support. After completing a trilogy of solo movies and appearing in all four Avengers movies, Chris Hemsworth's MCU future remained bright.


Thor: Love and Thunder marks the hero's fourth solo film, which is already something previously unaccomplished within the MCU. Captain America and Iron Man only received trilogies, Hulk and Black Widow have each led a single solo film, and Hawkeye has only led a Disney+ series. Despite this record and current status within the MCU, many would still argue that Iron Man and Captain America are the biggest leading characters from Marvel Studios. After all, both of them have eclipsed 10 appearances ranging from starring roles, cameos, and post-credits scenes, while Thor only has made eight MCU appearances.

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While some of the original Avengers might have more appearances than Thor overall, he still holds an unbeatable record. Chris Hemsworth's Thor is the only original Avenger member to never appear in an MCU project that is not his solo movie or an Avengers film. All five of the other original Avengers have appeared in other people's franchises and in supporting or cameo role capacities. Captain America, Hulk, and Hawkeye all appeared in Thor movies alone, while Iron Man and Black Widow also popped up in multiple franchises. However, Thor has never done that and has managed to remain a lead character in all of his MCU appearances.

Where Thor’s Next MCU Appearance Will Be

The end of Thor: Love and Thunder confirmed that Thor will return to the MCU, which goes along with the idea that Chris Hemsworth's time playing the god of thunder is not yet over. In order for him to retain this unbeatable Avengers record, there are only two potential avenues for his next appearance. The strong box office performance from Thor: Love and Thunder could mean that Thor 5 happens. This would extend his current record for the number of solo films, but it would also maintain Thor's status as a lead character. It is even possible that Chris Hemsworth will return for Avengers 5, where he could be one of or even the only original Avenger member to remain part of the team.

Thor is at risk of losing this no cameo accomplishment, though, depending on where else he could appear. There are not many Phase 4 projects that could include him, but a cameo in The Marvels or Loki season 2 would break this record. Even if he eventually returns for Guardians of the Galaxy 4 or a World War Hulk movie, those appearances for Thor could also end his streak. The possibility of that happening should not overshadow the feat to this point, though. Thor appearing in his solo films and the Avengers movies only is quite impressive when the other original Avengers popped up frequently elsewhere within the MCU.

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