What’s next for the Queensland Police Service?

A new training programme for police and firefighters is due to be launched next year, with the Queensland Government confirming it is likely to be rolled out across the entire state.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the Police Service will be receiving the new training next year.

“We’re not sure how many officers, how many police officers, but we will be rolling it out across all of Queensland,” she said.

She said the Police Services would be able to use the new course, which would include training on communication and communication management, to better support them during times of crisis.

“[The new training] will be rolled on and we’ll also have officers who have never had to use their own tools to communicate in a crisis,” Ms Palaszy said.

Police and Firefighters: The Queensland Police Force and the Fire and Rescue Service are both set to receive the new courses, which will be a two-year pilot program for police officers.

The Police Service is also expected to receive a new specialisation, to train firefighters and fire crews to deal with serious and life-threatening incidents.

Ms Palaszek said the training would be aimed at firefighters, but she did not give any details.

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