Which class will be held in your town?

A class to help local emergency medical technicians (EMTs) better understand and respond to a crisis is a key component of a nationwide training program, according to a recent report from the American Medical Association.

The training, which will begin on Thursday and last until September, aims to “assess the knowledge and skills needed to be a first responder,” said AMA President Dr. Harold Geisel in a statement.

The class will focus on how to properly treat patients and respond appropriately to emergencies.

The AMA is partnering with the National Association of EMS and Emergency Medical Technicians to make the training available to local emergency departments nationwide.

According to the AMA, the class will have about 20 trainees, including an EMT from one of the nation’s largest providers of EMS care, which includes more than 600,000 residents in 20 states.

The organization is calling the training “essential.”

“EMS is a profession that puts patients first, but we need to be thinking more about our patients and our community,” AMA President Geisel said in a prepared statement.

“We can’t afford to not do our job.”

The training will be conducted by the National Emergency Medical Service (NEMS), which is an affiliate of the American Association of State EMS Officials, which is a non-profit organization.

NEMS was founded in 1978 by former emergency medical services personnel to provide training to local law enforcement and first responders.

It has been part of the U.S. Emergency Medical Services Administration since 1999.

It currently has over 10,000 members, and serves more than 150,000 people in about 30,000 districts nationwide.

The course will focus more on the basics of EMS, such as the use of equipment and the use and recovery of victims, Geisel added.

“Our members are experts in the field, and this is an excellent way for them to get a deeper understanding of what EMS is about,” said NEMS Chief Medical Officer Kevin Eubanks in a release.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn about our profession, and get a better understanding of our students and our facilities.”

The program will cover the basics like proper equipment and how to safely treat patients, but also include a “deeper dive” into how the EMTs work, Eubank said.

“This is going to be an important component of the EMS training and our plan is to continue to add more training,” he added.

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