Which NFL players can you spot with a good massage?

The NFL has announced a new massage class, offering a more competitively priced, but still relatively accessible option.

The “massage” classes, which will run through the end of the season, are being introduced by a variety of companies, and they’re being offered as part of the league’s “The Best of 2017” series, a joint venture between the NFL and a number of leading massage providers.

The league will offer $150 in massage classes per year for the next five years, according to the NFL.

The company offering the massage classes is Shoretel, a California-based company founded by Shoretella Cordero, who is the daughter of former NFL star and current WNBA player Kristin Corderos.

The $150 per month price tag includes classes at both the NFL’s own facilities in Philadelphia and at the Philadelphia Eagles’ training facility in Livonia, Michigan.

Shoretellas Massage Therapy & Massage Clinic, a Philadelphia-based spa and massage therapy company, will provide massage therapy classes for the 2017-18 season.

“The best part of this is that we have a group of people that have really done this before and are really committed to doing this again,” Shoretela Corderot told the Associated Press.

Shoreels Massage Therapist and Massage Practice at Shoretels Massages Massage and Massages Clinic in Livonian, Michigan, on March 11, 2017. 

Aem, a Michigan-based massage and massaging service, will offer massage classes for $100 per session.

The Massage Company of America in Detroit, Michigan is also offering classes, with classes beginning at $85 per session for the first four weeks of the 2017 season.

AEM Massage &” Massage Classroom, a massage and massage practice in Detroit for the NFL, will also offer massage services.

“Aem has worked hard to get to this point and is very excited to continue offering these class-based, massage-based classes,” Sholeela Corders said. “

Our goal is to continue to make this a premium service for players, their families and the community that we serve,” Shoreel Corderor told the AP. 

“Aem has worked hard to get to this point and is very excited to continue offering these class-based, massage-based classes,” Sholeela Corders said. 

Masters and Trades will be offering massage classes beginning in early March for a fee of $100, and a class is scheduled for March 17. 

The NFL also announced new massage training classes for players on March 7. 

Teams can apply to be part of these massage classes, and the league will pay for the training and classes. 

For more information on massage, check out  this article from The Associated Press and this article from The New York Times. 

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