Which NFL team is most likely to draft an NFL player?

The Philadelphia Eagles are the most likely team to draft a quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft, according to an ESPN NFL Insider poll.

The Eagles are in the running for both Carson Wentz and Mitchell Trubisky, which is a huge reason why the Eagles were in a position to get the first overall pick.

According to ESPN’s, Wentz is the most popular choice of any team.

Wentz, the No. 1 overall pick, has been viewed by many as the future of the franchise, with his skills set being a natural fit for the modern NFL.

Trubiskis draft stock is also strong, with many fans expecting him to be the first pick in the draft, as the No-2 overall pick last year.

The draft is scheduled for April 26-28, and it is likely that both Wentz or Trubikys will be drafted in the first round.

The pollster says that Wentz would be the most coveted pick, followed by Trublikys and Carson Went, with Trub’s stock rising.

The next most popular pick, Carson Wentzik, is second in the poll, with 32 percent.

This year, the Eagles have two quarterbacks under contract through 2019, with Wentz coming off a strong season.

Trubs contract will be up at the end of the year, so the team has to be careful to maximize the value of their first round picks. 

In the pollster poll, Wentzik is the second most popular player, behind Trub, who is third with 29 percent.

Wentzik would be a great fit in Philadelphia, with the team having an offensive line with some talented linemen.

Wentzel is also an excellent recruiter, which helps the Eagles recruit players, with an NFL Draft Scout ranking Wentz as the third-best player in the 2019 class. 

The Eagles are one of the biggest surprises in the NFL draft, and their first-round pick is going to be a big boost for their future.

The team is currently ranked No. 3 overall in the ESPN rankings, and they have been building a strong nucleus of young talent around Wentz.

They will be looking to build on that success this year, as they have already added three other first round draft picks, with a fifth round pick also coming later in the offseason. 

If Wentz wins the starting job in Philadelphia in 2019, he would become the team’s franchise quarterback.

He is expected to have a huge impact on the Eagles future, and that is a good thing. 

Check out the full poll results below:Who will win the 2017 NFL Draft?


Com Picks: Carson Wentzan (1)Mitch Trubekys (3)Mitchell Trubickys (2)Who will take the #1 overall pick?

Mitchell Wentz (1.00)Mitchel Wentzt (1), Carson Wenttz (1,3)Who has the most hype?

Mitchel C Wentzs (2.00,7,7)Mitchen Stewart (1)(4)Mitchie Thompson (1).

Who has been the best QB of 2019?

Mitchen Wentz(1,2)Mitche C Wentzlts(2)

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