Which Teen is the ‘most badass’ and why?

When it comes to the teeniest of us, the word “superhero” doesn’t come up often.

But it’s a loaded word that could mean more than one thing.

And according to Teen Vogue, it could mean everything from a teenage boy to a teenage girl.

So, which one is the most badass?

Here’s our guide to determining the top 10 superheroes.


Jason Todd, Teen Wolf: Jason Todd’s been an unstoppable badass for the past few seasons of Teen Wolf, but now he’s a true-blooded warrior.

His mom was killed by a terrorist, and Jason is a former assassin who’s turned his life around.

With a new, more grounded side, he’s determined to take down the evil that’s taking over the world.

And he’ll do it all with the help of his dad, a former cop and ex-soldier.

But with his newfound love interest, he’ll have to take on the toughest foes in the city, including a psychopathic criminal who’s been hiding in the shadows.


Samuel L. Jackson, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: It may sound like a cliché, but there are few better heroes than Sam, the Turtle, whose dad and older brother are on the run from the evil Dr. Charles Xavier.

When Sam was a child, he fought alongside his father in a failed attempt to stop a warlord named Professor X from unleashing his powers.

But now that he’s in his 20s, Sam is ready to take a stand, even as his father struggles with his own issues.


Tom Hardy, The Expendables 2: Tom Hardy has made his name as one of the world’s toughest, most physically imposing actors, but his past in the martial arts isn’t what he’s known for.

Now, he wants to put the fight behind him by joining forces with a mysterious hacker, who he’s been tracking for years.

His latest adventure involves a new type of fight: a series of “slams” against the very thing that gave him his skills.


Matt Hardy, Hellboy: As the titular Hellboy, Matt Hardy is one of DC Comics’ most recognizable characters.

He’s the son of the villainous Mister Sinister, who’s had a string of run-ins with the law and the government.

But when a group of escaped prisoners are kidnapped by the ruthless Dr. Octopus, Hell is the perfect place for Matt to be.

With the help from a group called the Hand of Doom, he embarks on a mission to rescue the captives, and to find out what’s really behind his father’s death.


Christian Bale, American Hustle: Bale’s been a leading actor in Hollywood for decades, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten his roots as a stuntman.

He played one of a handful of stuntmen in the original Hellboy movies, which set the stage for the rise of stuntman Ryan Reynolds.

And as he’s now getting ready to star in American Hustles, he hopes to show that he still has the same chops as when he was a young actor.


Kevin Hart, American Idol: When Hart’s on the air, his fellow hosts and guests aren’t usually around to help him out.

But this year, the 36-year-old is looking to inspire a new generation of contestants with his brand of high-energy personality.

Hart will be joined by his fellow Idol stars and fellow performers, including Nicole Scherzinger, Amy Sedaris, and Rachel Bloom.


Jaden Smith, Lost: The 13-year old Jaden has grown up in the last few years, and he’s taken up some martial arts as a way to deal with the pressures of his growing up.

Now that he is a teenager, he has a lot to learn.

Jaden’s in love with his best friend Dylan, who is also a martial arts expert.

His life as a teenager will change when he learns the secret to keeping his friends and family safe from the deadly evil known as the Ghost.


Ben Affleck, The Batman: Affleck is one Hollywood’s most successful directors, and his latest film, The Dark Knight Rises, is a high-profile box office success.

Now the director is in his early 30s, and in an effort to stay fresh and youthful, he recently started a new role on the small screen.

This time, he plays a man who’s fighting for the rights of a mysterious character called the Joker, who killed his father.


Matt Damon, The Martian: Damon is one half of the superpowered duo of Damon and Katie Holmes, the lead of the critically acclaimed sci-fi drama The Martian.

They’re also the ones who discovered that the only thing that kept them from falling in love was each other.

But Damon is determined to make up for lost time in life, and with the assistance of his mentor, engineer, and astronaut, he will

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