Why a new U.S. policy is making things worse for U.N. workers

As the U. N. prepares for a critical meeting in New York on Feb. 10 to discuss the global response to the Zika virus, it is facing an economic blow: The Trump administration’s new travel restrictions are hurting the U, too.

The travel restrictions imposed by President Donald Trump last month on U.K. citizens and residents will hurt U. S. workers the most, according to a new study by the Center for Global Development.

The U. s. will lose $1 billion a day in U. n. exports from Britain because of the travel restrictions, according the report, which was released Monday.

The loss is about $200 million a day, or about 2.3% of the U .

S. economy, according it.

It’s an economy that depends heavily on foreign workers and exports.

The Trump travel restrictions on U .

K. residents and residents of the Caribbean islands of Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines are the worst, the study found.

The restrictions were approved by the White House and signed by Trump.

It said the restrictions will hurt the U s economy by hurting the British tourism industry, reducing U. K. exports to the U n. and harming the U S economy in the Caribbean.

The study, published by the center and The Brookings Institution, said the U is losing about $1.5 billion a month from its exports from the U k and that the U a ss a s is losing $2.5 million a month.

The group estimates that a $1 million import tax imposed on U s exports would affect the U u s economy as much as $5 billion annually.

“This is a serious economic blow,” said Laura Ehrlich, a research fellow at the Center.

“We need to get our exports back up.

This is going to hurt our economy and our economy’s ability to recruit and retain good people.

It will also hurt our ability to export the U as a place to do business.”

The U u is in the middle of its busiest year in 20 years.

But the Trump administration has said it is doing everything it can to protect U. s workers and that it’s focused on finding ways to ease the travel ban.

That includes a proposed U.A.E. trade deal that is the subject of an arbitration dispute in New Zealand.

“The administration has taken action to address the effects of this travel restriction, but it’s not enough,” Ehrich said.

“The travel ban needs to be lifted and a fair trade deal can be done.

That’s the message from the administration.”

The Trump administration, though, has been reluctant to take action that could be considered unfair, said Richard N. Freeman, who was a top economist for President Donald J. Trump and is now the president of the University of Virginia Center for Policy Analysis.

The administration is still considering a number of trade and travel policies, including those that are seen as too restrictive, Freeman said.

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