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Boot camp: TikTok is making the wacky 'jeans boots' trend happen

These boots were made for gawkin'.

Kanye West defends Yeezy Gap trash bags: 'I'm an innovator, this is not a joke'

The Yeezy x Gap Engineered by Balenciaga collection went viral after a shopper tweeted a picture of the clothes being sold out of what looks like trash bags.

Hanae Mori, prolific Japanese fashion designer, dies at 96

Mori symbolized the rise of Japan as a modern, fashionable nation and the rise of the working woman.

'Most beautiful girl in the world' makes post-surgery comeback — in a bikini

The “most beautiful girl in the world” is back and rocking a bikini post-surgery.

Hack shows if jeans fit without trying them on: ‘Holy s--t!’

Has TikTok created the ultimate hack? Content creators are swearing by a handy jean trick to ensure the perfect fit.

These American Girl-inspired outfits are too cute to pass up

ICYMI, American Girl is cool again. 

My lip fillers blew up after bad reaction to sunlight: Use sunscreen!

Isabella Skeel — who was on vacation with some friends to Marbella, Spain — ended up in the hospital after the fillers in her reacted to the sunlight.

Kanye West, Gap mocked for Yeezy trash bag collection

Kanye West, who said last week he is inspired by the "homeless," is reportedly selling his new fashion collection out of what look like trash bags. 

Mark Wahlberg: My kids are 'terribly embarrassed' by 'Marky Mark' '90s fashion

Mark Wahlberg’s kids are not fond of his '90s fashion sense.

I'm a shape-shifter because I look drastically different in make-up

A woman said she gets accused of being a “shape-shifter” because she looks extremely different when wearing make-up.